October 27, 2021

Link Building for SEO

Link Building for SEO

Why Is Link Building Important?

The backlinking concept is foundational to good rankings and understanding SEO at large. In the pre-Google days, websites relied on keyword usage to show up higher in various search systems. 

At that time, search engine algorithms were not as complex as they are today; therefore keyword stuffing was a no-brainer technique to rank pages. Therefore, SEO specialists exploited this method and stuffed pages with keywords for the sake of high rankings. 

The keyword misuse prompted the birth of the PageRank algorithm as a more sophisticated way to list sites. PageRank works by evaluating the vast link structure as a marker of a specific page’s value. And that is why you should leverage link building. If you don’t have a link building profile, you don’t exist for Google.

What Is Link Building?

Link building refers to creating links from other websites capable of driving traffic. The more backlinks you fetch from niche-specific and high-domain platforms, the more relevant your website is search-wise. 

Backlinks are links from other sites that link out to your website. These types of links are a major factor in SEO and are the trickiest to obtain. They tell search systems that your site is an authority of a specific topic.  The point of link building is twofold:

  • It increases the Google popularity ranking factor. One link equals one vote in the SEO terms. The more votes the platform has, the higher its chance to surface higher in search systems.
  • Links possess actual business value. With search systems being huge drivers for most businesses, content marketing occurs through link building as well.

It is worth noting that not all links work wonders. For instance, a link from an authoritative website, topically suitable for yours, is worth more than a random link from a small website somewhere in the wilderness of the Internet.

Benefits Of Link Building

The main advantage of link building is its reliable and long-term effect. Traffic is growing on the site, the position of the resource is increasing and it shows up in the top results. However, if you want this technique to bring excellent results, you should select reliable authoritative resources to place your links. Among other benefits, this SEO technique:

  • Attracts more natural traffic to your website

When high-minded websites link out to your website from within their content, readers are most likely to visit your website.

  • Gives better credibility and reputation

Link building is the best at helping your company appear as an opinion maker in your niche. Crafting useful and superior-quality content is the key to make your brand differentiate from others.

  • Generates more sales and revenue

When influencers share your content, it reaches an unprecedented amount of readership. And since a famous website/blog/person has shared it, users are most likely to give it a read.

The Bottom Line

Link building is a demanding and challenging SEO technique that takes solid research and analysis to gauge opportunity, resources, and challenges. If done properly, it can become a vital element of your ‘off-page’ SEO that leads to higher site metrics and SEO scores.

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